United We Stand Divided We Fall: Essays On Protest And Resistance


United We Stand Divided We Fall: Essays On Protest And Resistance

In United We Stand Divided We Fall Garn Press has gathered together essays by great scholars and renowned teachers who oppose the direction in which President Trump is leading the country. These are essays, to quote George Lakoff, which frame American values accurately and systemically day after day, telling truths by American majority moral values.

These are essays of protest against and resistance to Trump’s presidency, to his billionaire cabinet, to the privileging in the White House of white supremacists, the promulgation of “alternate facts”, the denigration of media sources, the purges of State Department personnel, the gag orders at the EPA and scientists placed on “watch lists”, the travel bans on people from wide swaths of U.S. society and on refugees … the list is long.

The writers of conscience who have written this collection of essays are all actively engaged in opposing President Trump and their writings encourage us to participate in the resistance movement. Read with a pencil in hand. Make notes on what you can do to join aspects of the movement that reflects the needs and concerns of your community.


Political Corruption & Misconduct / Democracy / Media & Internet in Politics
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“If you wanted to talk to some of the leading activists fighting for civil rights, education and science, you'd have to attend one of the major marches in Washington, DC. Or you could just pick up a copy of this book. It is overflowing with the kind of on-the-ground wisdom you only get from people who have dedicated their lives to fighting the good fight.” — Amazon

“This powerful new publication both explains and documents much of the political unrest and violation of the public good in today's unstable and threatening environment.” — Amazon

“One after another essay provides the hope we need and reminds of the responsibility we share in this disturbing time. I've lived a while and seen our country at its best and worst. This is the most troubling era of my lifetime. The Earth is under assault as are our human spirits. Opposition and resistance are the stuff of true patriotism and this book can be the patriotic anthem for a generation.” — Amazon

“Just in time to stop the Republican maniac in the White House from subverting the Constitution and destroying American democracy is this nifty volume of resistance essays guaranteed to awaken your inner Thomas Paine. There is also a handy guide to sources of help and guidance in this troubled times, and many excellent opinions” — Amazon