The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools: BookAuthority’s List of the Best Civil Rights Books of All Time


The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools: BookAuthority’s List of the Best Civil Rights Books of All Time

Congratulations to Susan DuFresne!

We’re happy to announce that Susan DuFresne’s book, "The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools" made it to BookAuthority's Best Civil Rights Books of All Time. A great list of highly recommended books.


Book: The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools
Education / History / Policy & Reform / Standards (Incl. Common Core) / Charter Schools
7.5 x 9.2 inches | 164 pages | ISBN: 978-1942146728
$24.95 Paperback | $32.95 Hardcover
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About The Book

The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools is a book intended to challenge the authority of the policymakers and misanthropic funders who are wreaking havoc in public schools, closing schools in Black and Brown neighborhoods, and pushing segregated charter schools on communities that have every right to exceptional learning environments in fully funded public schools. The book is in three parts. In Part One Susan DuFresne writes about the remarkable journey she took that resulted in the creation of the three 15 foot graphic panels that depict historically accurate pictures of racism in U.S. public schools. In Part Two the panels depicting racism and discrimination are transformed into a graphic novel in which the paintings Susan created tell the story of three hundred years of racial injustice that is still endemic today. In Part Three the information that Susan painted in the margins of the paintings is presented together with notes from Susan on suggested questions that could be asked and actions that could be taken.


Book Reviews

“Teachers must read this! The History of Institutional Racism in U.S. Public Schools should be required reading for all people who work in education.” – Amazon reviews

“Every school library at every level should contain this book and have it prominently displayed. Every parent should get this book and study it with their children. This book is a masterpiece of art and history.” – Thomas Ultican

“When, you have fought the battles against racism and inequity in your classroom, in your school building, in your district, in the nation, you marched everywhere, spoke on every soap box offered, and you find words alone can’t win this fight? Then you, draw it, paint it, and color it, and throw it out to the world.” – Amazon reviews

“Thank you for your beautiful, thoughtful examination of institutional racism in American schooling. I know I will reread and reflect upon this sad history, take inspiration from past & present activists, and continue to advocate for children—all children.” – Amazon reviews

“This book offers us a chance to acknowledge and understand the reality that our students are grappling with. It should be required reading by educators and students alike, as it helps us understand the world we live in, so we can work together to change it” – Anthony Cody, author of The Educator and the Oligarch

“The author has done an amazing job of depicting the systemic racism that historically shaped our public school system and opens up the door for conversations that we need to be having as we talk about the future creation of schools that all children deserve.” – Amazon reviews

“As a teacher, I will be using images from this book in my classroom. My class and I will do some of our own research and see what sort of action we decide to take as 5th graders. I will also be recommending this book as a teacher book club selection for my school and in my union.” – Amazon reviews

“The author has done an amazing job of depicting the systemic racism that historically shaped. A must-have for any educator today.” – Amazon reviews

“A must for K-12 educators and their students! As a teacher of high school students, I can think of many uses in classes including Social Studies, English, Science, Languages, and Art. In fact, in the hands of qualified educators, this is a rare tome that can be used instructionally K-12 in all curriculum areas.” – Amazon reviews

“When our president asserts that ‘Our ancestors tamed a continent,’ it is imperative that the real history be laid bare. ” – Amazon reviews

“This is a great book for schools, homes, colleges, and coffee tables. It must be seen to be believed. Do yourself a favor and buy yourself a copy today!” – Amazon reviews

“Vivid imagery and fascinating visual representation of shocking events on our nation’s history. I think we could all learn something from this book.” – Amazon reviews

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About Susan DuFresne

Susan DuFresne is an artist and educator who advocates across all intersectional groups, organizing for social justice. She works alongside colleagues and friends who are leaders in the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Badass Teachers Association. She is a vocal supporter of Indigenous peoples, the Women’s Movement, and LGBTQIA activists, and cares deeply about environmental issues. She visualizes a future where these diverse groups join together to successfully return power to the people. Susan is currently teaching children in an integrated kindergarten classroom as both a general education and special education teacher.