A Parent's Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century
6 x 9 | 246 pages
Paperback ISBN: 978-1942146339
Ebook ISBN: 978-1942146346



Education /  Policy & Reform / Parent Participation in Education / Charter Schools / History of Education
6 x 9 | 246 pages
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About the Book

What is a parent to make of the current narrative about public education in the United States? We hear that our public schools are mediocre at best and dysfunctional and unsafe at worst. We hear politicians and pundits arguing that the country will fall behind economic competitors like China and Japan, if our schools do not improve. We hear education reformers, well-funded by corporate lions like Bill Gates and the Walton family, suggesting a smorgasbord of solutions from school choice to more rigorous standards and from increased standardized tests to test-based teacher accountability.

What is education reform and how will it impact schools, children and parents? What are charter schools and should I send my child to one? What is the impact of standardized testing on my child? Should I opt my child out of standardized testing? How can I make sure my child gets a good teacher? What does good reading and writing instruction look like? How should technology be used in the schools and at home?

A Parent’s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century is written to answer these questions and help today’s parents sort through the weeds of educational reform to make informed decisions designed to get the best possible education for their children. The book starts from the point of view that public education is a vital institution, central to our democracy and economic independence, and then suggests ways that parents can not only get the best of education for their own children, but also support policies that will make the institution of public education stronger for future generations.

Endorsements and Reviews

“A must read for parents with children entering school or already enrolled. Writing is for parents not teachers which makes it an invaluable tool! Please do yourself a favor and order this book.” - Amazon

“One of the best books on the reform movement and how parents should deal with it. Walsh masterfully raises questions and offers advice of where a student should be developmentally during his or her school career while simultaneously criticizing the current reform movement. If you are about to place a child in a public school as I am, this is a must read.” - Amazon

“This is the perfect book for someone who wants to understand what's going on, but isn't sure where to start. And for someone who already knows a lot about what's going on with "education reform," this work helps fit all the little pieces into a bigger picture. Highly recommended.” - Amazon

“Russ Walsh tells you exactly what a good education looks like.” - Amazon

“Russ Walsh does a fantastic job of breaking down the issues in a clear and concise way. His citations give the reader a road map of where and how to look for information. A must read for anyone concerned about the current education reform movement.” - Amazon

“This is a must read book. The chapter on standardized tests is especially of value for those of us fighting the battle of less testing, more teaching. This is direct, and easy to read, the subjects are broken down so you can find information quickly. Very informative for parents and teachers, alike.” - Amazon

“This book is what is needed in education right now. It is a parent friendly book that explains all the ins and outs of the school system and helps parents advocate for their children. It is a great read for teachers too and can be a great resource to share at Back to School Night or parent meetings.” - Amazon

“Every parent or prospective parent of a public school student, along with every elected official, should take the time to read Russ Walsh’s A Parent’s Guide to Public Education in the 21st Century. - Amazon

“A common sense guide that answers questions that parents have about education today. This work should be required reading for all school board members and candidates as well.” - Amazon